Path of Exile Currency Project

  • POE Currency projects are divided into different categories, so we first introduce the basic currency that can be used in multiple locations. Players can trade almost any item with other players. We will discuss the POE Currency accepted by the supplier and the common items that players will trade instead of every item.

    There are about 20 kinds of POE Currency, and the characteristics and functions of each currency are different. Players can get different POE Currency according to different situations in the game. For example, Divination Cards, which are cards that can be exchanged for certain items.

    There is also Shards, which is actually a fragment of POE Currency. Players will get shards as exchange items with suppliers. Sometimes, players may also encounter Silver Coins. This is an item used as Currency in Navali. In exchange for these coins, Navari will give you a prophecy. After Navali is rescued from The Climb, players can find her in every town. This is an early mission, so players will be able to find her shortly after starting the journey.

    Common Currency is a common item type that players will encounter when traveling in Wraeclast. For example, Exalted Orb is more valuable than Portal Scroll, so players can POE Currency Buy. If players want to trade valuables with other players, Exalted Orb is also the benchmark Currency.