GGG's lack of response to Path of Exile Scourge's error

  • Path of Exile's new expansion package Scourge introduces a unique mechanism in which players can place items or maps in Blood Crucible. After killing monsters in the nightmare realm, they will get some Scourge rolls with positive and negative effects, and they will corrode items in the process. Success in the challenge will get some POE Currency as rewards.

    As the community said, Krangling is a place where the negative effects of damaged items make positive items almost useless. Although GGG released an update last week that brought improvements to this new league mechanism, it seems that these are not enough.

    Redditor explained that the negative effects of Scourge outweigh the vast majority of positive effects on specific items or maps. Although the recent update has improved map scrolling to some extent, this "band-aid solution" is like the developer just intends to apply a major benefit to the map and POE Currency Buy.

    Another user said that in a previous interview, GGG producer and lead developer Chris Wilson said that the existence of modules is to dilute the module pool and make "good" rare. And players had better get more POE Currency in the game.

    Redditor @kpiaum said that the main reason why only the Scourge map gets some favorites is that developers may not have enough time to remake existing item modules. Considering that the game has a three-month tempo to release new expansion packs, this is possible.