Path of Exile patch 3.16 improves Scourged Maps

  • Path of Exile Scourge was launched only two weeks ago, but the developers of GGG have applied a lot of bug fixes and improvements. Patch 3.16.0d continues to POE Currency Buy, especially improvements to Scourged Maps and Items.

    The community posted interesting screenshots on Reddit, which showed "krangled" or those projects that have launched some very scary statistics. The developers understood this frustration, so they changed it so that the disadvantages of Scourged items no longer offset its advantages. And players can also try to make more money in POE Currency.

    Scourged Maps with modifiers that allow players to enter a nightmare when they reach their maximum health will now slightly reduce their health over time. In addition, leaving the nightmare area will cause the player to lose all accumulated blood. Scourged items can no longer produce disadvantages that directly offset their POE Currency. The Scourged Maps modifier that turns into a nightmare when the player reaches maximum health will now slightly lose health over time, although the health loss when killing the Scourge monster has been reduced to 0.4%.
    Patch 3.16.0d fixes the bug that the pardon sentry summoned by intuitive link will not attack. Fixed the bug that the storm shield must be reactivated after exiting. Fixed a bug where Raise Spectre would sometimes promote the wrong follower. Fixed a bug where the fatal passiveness did not affect the rain skill. Fixed a bug where the Delve dark damage was slightly higher than expected when the depth was less than 1,000 over time.