4 Pro Tips for Path Of Exile Duel Profession

  • Although Path Of Exile encourages players to conduct a lot of experimentation, duelists start with the lowest intelligence score, trying to solve this problem requires too much work. However, don't be angry, there are many better things to be angry, such as harvesting nerf. By insisting on dexterity and strength, the duelist will be in his element and cause the greatest damage.

    When viewing the game list guide, please turn to the sword section, do not turn the page. Players have a large number of accessible sword lovers and should make Path of Exile Currency. The blade of dexterity and the blade of cunning each increase sword damage by 22%.

    Developers have injected many ideas into the game. When balancing player duel careers, it is important to increase strength and dexterity equally. Players should send at least one bridge in each passive skill area of strength and dexterity. Because those players who are too dexterous will often attack but cause very little damage. At the same time, those who are too powerful will be hit hard, but will miss a lot of POE Currency.

    Any combination of skills is either the worst or the best in the game, which makes ranking it among other Ascendandies a very difficult task. The entire Ascendancy will enhance the companions in the party. Because duelers usually have no servants, this means that this only works for other party members. Single players should not consider it. Group players should not consider anything else.