New World’s first patch fixed numerous bugs

  • New World update 1.0.1 was launched at 3 a.m. Pacific time on October 6, and will include some additional quality of life updates and bug fixes to ensure that players can play and progress as expected after entering Aeternum.

    The AFK system has been modified, and it is now clearly possible to prevent players from deceiving it by simulating mouse movements. AFK disconnection time has also been shortened from 25 minutes to 20 minutes. Performance in war should be improved by changing the turret projectiles so that they hit the scan instead of physical simulation. When players try to leave the New World queue, there is also a new confirmation screen, so they will not accidentally exit.

    The list of bug fixes is as follows, including general fixes, artificial intelligence fixes, and task fixes. General fixes: Fixed a rare issue that caused the interaction keys to not function properly on various objects in the world; fixed an issue where players did not New World Coins Buy as rewards in certain events; fixed an issue that might cause interruption of fast-moving animations The player character is stuck in the house.

    Artificial intelligence fixes: Fixed New World Coins that caused Pastor Walsh to actively generate points of interest in Walsham; fixed the issue that caused enemies to spawn slower than expected in Bullrush Wash POI; fixed the issue that Master Zint may respawn repeatedly in Kannan Tomb POI.

    Mission repair: Added missing log information about recommended mission levels for players trying to unlock the second faction level; fixed if the player completed other Windsward missions first; fixed the bartender dialogue status in First Light can enter and cannot get missions from the bartender The problem. Finally, players who want to get greater achievements are best to buy more RPG New World Coins from IGGM.