How do New World players complete the unsolved mystery mission?

  • The unsolved mystery mission in New World is provided by an NPC named Gladis Bond, which has two main missions. Both missions are centered on finding clues. Players need to visit Clearwater Bay and Campbell's rest area before everything is said and done. For those New World fans who may not be able to find clues in these two locations, this guide can help.

    First, Clearwater Bend is located in Millberry Hills, north of Northfork, where players can find clues on a crate in front of a house. More specifically, the player should pay attention to a shiny piece of paper, and when approaching, they will find that it says "Retreat to safety". After they find this file, they can read and complete the first task step by simply tapping the input displayed on the screen.

    As for the location of Campbell's Rest, it is also near Millberry Hills on the New World map, but it is slightly east of Clearwater Bend. Players can approach this location from the southwest and enter New World Coins on the left. Then they should climb the stairs in the house and find a document called "Standing Our Ground".

    At this point, the player will be ready to return to Gladis Bond in First Light Hamlet, complete the unsolved mystery mission, and New World Coins Buy. These rewards are 840 XP, 77 coins, 250 reputation and 20 Azoth for the new world.