New World server no longer allows players to create new charact

  • When thousands of people try to play New World, this is a good thing for Amazon. But, like most things in life, too many good things can turn into bad things. In order to control this problem, Amazon New World game studio is preventing people from creating new characters on over-crowded servers.

    After numerous delays and tests, Amazon's New World was finally released on September 28. Although many people, including Kotaku’s own Mike Fahey, like this new game, it has been plagued by server issues and errors from day one. In the first 24 hours or so, more than 700,000 players poured into the game and tried to New World Coins Buy online. Many people encountered long queues.

    Since some players have stopped trying to play games every hour of the day, the situation has eased and logging in has become easier. But for people who call a fully populated server home, long queue times are still a problem. Amazon recommends that new users create roles on servers with a small population and promises to introduce New World Coins in the near future.

    To really ensure that the server does not continue to explode, AGS has now updated the game and prevented people from making new avatars on approximately 30 servers marked as "full". In addition to this new change, Amazon has also launched a server status page for the game, so people can quickly browse the demographics of their New World server.