The emergence of New World’s new system makes some players diff

  • The upcoming December patch will bring some major changes to New World, including changes to the endgame content and the current High Watermark system. Although the function of Watermark is basically the same as the previous one, if players want to obtain better items with higher gear scores, they must first perform a series of endgame activities, so it will become a new system called Expertise.

    After the December update is released, a major change will cause a lot of controversy. Now when players use gear scores higher than their professional water products, in order to match their Expertise levels, these items will New World Gold be downgraded internally in the game. In other words, even if players obtain high-gear score items from the quest, make advanced armor, or purchase the highest-level equipment, in order to match their equipment level, they must first go through endgame activities to hone their Expertise levels.

    Therefore, after those who have spent a lot of time and money in the game to build some of the best equipment, they have to spend more than ten hours to hone their professional skills, so that the large amount of time and energy they invested in the production will be reduced. Worthless. In addition, the market price of advanced equipment sold by other players will also drop significantly, because if they want to use those advanced equipment efficiently, they must first invest time and energy to New World Coins hone their Expertise levels.

    Now that the new patch has not been updated, players can still use those high-level equipment. As far as the current situation is concerned, it has become very important to improve personal Expertise levels. To speed up your promotion, you need to use a lot of New World Coins to strengthen your character, and get better rewards by killing high-level monsters. NewWorldCoins is a professional seller, where there are a large number of New World Coins for sale, their selling price is very favorable, and the transaction is very safe, very worthy of your trust.