What activities can you continue to complete in WoW Classic TBC

  • Some people may think that when a game reaches the highest level, there may be no playability. In WoW Classic TBC, there are other things you can do. Now let’s take a look. When you reach level 70, What activities can you continue to complete in WoW Classic TBC.

    Unlock the Flying Mount: If you want to fly between new maps, you can find a trainer in Outlands (Shadowmoon Valley) and buy riding skills from him. When you want to unlock flying skills and mounts, then you need to collect 1000 gold coins for your character first. In addition, you can also spend 5000 WoW TBC Gold to maximize your flying speed.

    Level Your Professions: Reaching the highest level of each of your TBC Classic Gold classes is the best way to promote your champion. No matter what class you choose, they will bring you very good items. In addition, when you reach the highest level of the character, if you want to get more gold coins, you can sell your TBC items at the auction house.

    Hunt for Powerful Equipment (BiS): After you unlock each Heroic Dungeon and Raids, you need to know which of them will drop what you need. If you want to raise your character to a level, then you need to find rare TBC items from these places, and then equip your character. You can also look for guides about your class so that you can use the strongest armor or weapons for them.

    Search for Rare Mounts: Finding rare mounts in the game sometimes takes the player a lot of time, and it may require the player to go in and out of a dungeon to get them. So, if you are looking for these specific TBC projects, you can Burning Crusade Classic Gold follow this trend. Generally speaking, because you can only enter once a day and its drop rate is very low, it may take weeks or even months for you to collect those mounts.

    No matter what level you are in TBC Classic, you need to spend a certain amount of TBC Classic Gold, but the higher the level, the more TBC Classic Gold you spend. If you find it very troublesome to collect TBC Classic Gold in the game, you can buy it directly in MMOWTS, where TBC Classic Gold is cheap and the transaction is safe, so that every order you make can be guaranteed.