Should you get rid of things you don't use in New World?

  • The shield is the most prominent aspect of this problem. If you are not going to use Sword and Shield, in order not to increase your weight level, you should put the shield away. This will allow DPS or support-focused constructions to still have maximum damage or maximum support, and if you want to survive more easily, wearing some heavier armor will be very effective.

    When you exchange weapons, if you do not support his equipment, it will make it very inefficient. Although you will have some bonuses on the data of some attributes, the damage they provide is far less than those of the main stat. If you want to Buy New World Coins get good damage from any weapon, then Stat scaling is very important.

    When you decide to play PvP, Heavy Armor is the best armor combination you use. In addition, the very light Gloves will New World Coins keep you medium-sized. This combination of equipment allows you to lose a small amount of output damage while providing you with defensive attributes that can absorb a large amount of damage.

    However, if you are a player focused on PvE, this approach may backfire. Because you only need to use a few heavy parts, you can keep the light armor bonus. And you can achieve the effect provided in the previous paragraph, but you can only keep it light and not medium to cause damage.

    Various equipment provides completely different functions in different modes. So you need to choose the right equipment according to the mode you are in. But no matter what the situation is, you need New World Coins to upgrade your equipment level. As your character level increases, you will need to spend more New World Coins. Of course, if you need a lot of New World Coins in a short time, you can go to NewWorldCoins, where the prices are very favorable and can help you save a lot of money.