What's new in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0?

  • You can find all kinds of wonderful things in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, but some things require players to explore carefully before they can discover them. And some of these things did not appear in Animal Crossing Direct.

    So today, with the update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0, let me introduce you to what useful things have been added to the game.

    Katrina's Special Power: In the past, Katrina only had the ability Animal Crossing Items to tell fortunes and predict your luck, but now she will be able to check the level of friendship between you and the villagers! What makes people care about is that although she has only arrived here, she knows those things.

    High Card Low Card: Now villagers can play gambling games with you when they visit your house. It is a game called High Card, Low Card. Of course, after you turn over a card, you need to guess that the next card is higher, or lower. When you get the correct answer, you will get a prize.

    Ione Glows In The Dark: In the new update, a cute celestial squirrel/chipmunk named lone has become one of the new villagers on the island. Lone has a galaxy tail enough to show off and it can shine in the dark. This is very surprising.

    Tom Nook Is Now A President: Even though we did not vote for him, Nook has indeed become the president, although this is not just a one-off. Technically speaking, Nook is the CEO and President of his company, but it is still strange that others call him that way. Does it seem to be a coup?

    Full-Sized Vehicles: Now players can use fancy cars, truck depots, and real forklift construction sites.

    Blathers’ Posters: If you want to Buy Animal Crossing Bells illuminate your walls, there are now special museum posters that can be achieved.

    A lot of interesting things have been added in the new update, which greatly enriches the game fun for players. Let players' daily life in the game become more diverse. Of course, Animal Crossing Items are very important in the game. If you have them and want to integrate them into the game, first you need to have a variety of Animal Crossing Items. If you don't want to spend time doing a lot of quests to get them, you can go to MMOWTS to have a look. They display a variety of Animal Crossing Items for players to choose from, and there will definitely be those you like!