In Animal Crossing, his designer is preparing for the new updat

  • On November 5th, the new version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released, along with the Happy Home DLC, which makes many Animal Crossing players very happy. So for ACNH Island designers, what will they prepare for this update? Today, let us hear what the designer Val has for beginners and what preparations he has made for the update.

    Design skills for beginners

    First you talk about an island as an evolving project. You don't need to make it perfect all at once. If you ACNH Bells have any new ideas or learn new technologies in the process, then you can add them to your build. Because Animal Crossing has no end. For Val, he doesn't want it to end, just because this is not a game, it makes him very happy.

    In addition, he gave another small suggestion: Finish an idea to completion Animal Crossing Bells before tearing it down. Sometimes when you complete the last step of your idea, you will find that the overall construction is not correct. Only when you finish it will you discover what the final result is like. Don't think it is perfect the first time it is built, because they will go through many attempts every time they make a great build, but you don't see it.

    What preparations have been made for the update

    Val is very interested in the new things in this update. Those glowing green weeds, vines and new trees are the missing parts that he is trying to make up for.

    Because he already has Nook Miles and Kapp'n to go to the mysterious island, so he is ready for this update. He will keep a list of things he wants to bring back and add to my island before releasing the DA. In this update, he will prepare his three islands, one is the WIP of the past year, and the other two are the new islands I started today. This is the most important thing, so he needs to be in the next Prepare in time. These three islands are his favorite areas. They are the one that was once demolished by Zelda in the Lost Woods island and is now back again. One is a complete remake of the Links Awakening map, and the third one he hasn’t Decide.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates are made after many experiments. They incorporate good ideas into the game, so players can experience unlimited fun when they enter the game. Animal Crossing is a casual game, in which Animal Crossing Items are more important. If you still have a lot of Animal Crossing Items in the game that you have not obtained, then you can buy them directly at MMOWTS without waiting. You deserve to have this kind of quick access!