New World: Wealth Transfer is officially banned to solve the pr

  • Earlier, a post called ‘Temporarily Disabling All Forms of Wealth Transfers’ was published by New World’s game team on the official New World forum. This post explains that because New World is experiencing a golden scam that New World Coins players have experienced or did not know about recently. So the official team has shut down all forms of economy.

    Therefore, when wealth transfer is disabled, we can no longer purchase items from trading stations. In addition, transactions between players cannot proceed normally. And Guild Treasury can't be used normally. Finally, Sending and receiving currency is also not allowed.

    When we log in to the game, we will find that we can no longer purchase items from the trading station, and we may even think that there is an error in the trading station.

    However, the game team has made relevant explanations in advance, that is, about the recent gold reuse problem, so they temporarily disabled all forms of wealth transfer between players. Moreover, they stated that any player involved in using the vulnerability will be prosecuted. After the gold copy loophole is investigated, wealth transfer will be started normally.

    This is a very anxious situation for many keen traders.

    And if wealth transfer is banned, does it mean that ongoing New World Coins Buy taxes are also banned, such as the housing tax we need to pay?

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