WOW TBC Classic: WOW TBC Classic: A new WOW Classic experience

  • Players want to know if and when a new classic era server will be launched after Blizzard ends World of Warcraft Classic. At present, Blizzard has confirmed the changes to improve the game experience of classic server players.

    The new server is Buy WOW TBC Gold called the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery, and it will continue to seek to reproduce the classic experience of WOW Classic. But it contains some enhanced Boss, and there are no world gains in the raid, in addition to faster upgrades and summoning stones.

    Blizzard said in a post that they are looking to adjust the content of the release, because they hope to complete its six-stage timeline within 12 months.

    Blizzard made the content of the game harder, but it also made it faster, which seemed pretty good. World of Warcraft Classic was originally released at the end of August 2019, and the subsequent TBC Classic will start in June 2021.

    Blizzard stated that they are adding content that can improve the WOW TBC Classic Gold quality of life, such as faster upgrades, summoning stones and adding resource nodes in the open world, which can help players fight against any negative effects brought about by the faster Classic timeline.

    The Season of Master does not have any news about the release date, but it will provide a brand new classic experience for players who are not interested in TBC.

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