Animal Crossing: Players can prepare for the Halloween event

  • With Halloween in Animal Crossing: New Horizons approaching again, it is necessary to prepare the design of the island for this holiday.

    Because we are about to usher in Halloween, we must make adequate preparations for this holiday and all the seasonal activities that accompany it. Players can use some creepy decorations to take the ACNH Items island to a new level.

    New DIY recipes, bugs and fish are added to the game, many of them will be themed on Halloween. We can choose clothing at the Able Sister store, as well as seasonal furniture from Nook’s Cranny. And just as it was introduced in the Animal Crossing update last fall, pumpkin planting will also return. The same is true for annual holiday events.

    However, we do not know whether more autumn farming options will be introduced this year, but Nintendo Direct in September hinted that new content will appear in New Horizons soon. More information will be provided to us later. And the return of Brewster and the Roost adds a whole new level to this fall Animal Crossing Bells event, although the content that this update may bring remains to be seen.

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