The farming industry isn't afraid to be different

  • Slayer is probably the most sought-after source of RuneScape Gold money for top-end characters as it involves actions that aren't boring but still generate huge earnings. It is primarily about searching for specific types of monsters.

    These are picked in the hands of Slayer the masters of NPCs. It is considered to be one of the most difficult skills to learn for new players , our tutorial will cover everything you need to know about Slayer. It will provide the top exp routes and strategies to make money that require Slayer ability.

    The farming industry isn't afraid to be different. It is a sport that requires constant effort to be improved and because it's not like other activities, you'll require a guide for what you can do and how to earn farming experience at best rates. This skill consists mostly of running from one patch of farming to another - raking or digging, planting, and other activities specifically related to nature.

    You will be earning experience for every plant that you've taken care as you harvest it. It is a hard ability to master initially but it rewards players with a steady, daily cash making technique (farming herbs). If you're looking to learn how you can earn more from farming, take a look at our farming guide.

    Another profession that is highly click-intensive and requires patience, understanding and resources. It is very underestimated skill for many players who do not increase their level, but it is a bonus worth a look at, including special altars for private worship, the ability to RS 3 Gold teleport and others. Being able to have your own home in the land of Gielinor is extremely useful but it is not without cost as Construction is the most expensive skill to gain.