Which includes high resolution and hotkey customization

  • For those who like friends Take advantage of Lineage 2M Diamonds's optional Clan system. Join a clan in order to play new content, like epic boss battles. You can boost the status of your clan through questing contributions and encourage membership growth by constructing your clan's Clan Hall and Clan Shop that will give you bragging rights and bonds.

    PC PURPLE has a great PC gaming experience, which includes high resolution and hotkey customization. As a cross-play title, Lineage2M offers 4K resolution via its proprietary service PURPLE and its graphics are on the same level as a PC game. 'Seamless loading' of new environments, and low delay and lag even in the biggest battles are what PURPLE promises.

    The unique sub-quest system makes it possible players to follow various paths to higher levels with a greater variety of experiences on the way. Subquest paths like 'Oracle Quest' and 'Codex are a great way to avoid the monotony of hunting or the process of farming for character growth that is common in other MMOs.

    Boss monsters are available in all sorts of deadly forms and sizes, and lurk throughout the dungeons and fields. There's no mistaking it when you encounter one because of their size and power.

    You'll need to join groups with other players in order to take on buy Lineage 2M Diamonds boss monsters, while you participate in faction battles to stop other groups from being able to hit their target. Because of this, users on Lineage2M will experience the true MMORPG in which collaboration and competition occur simultaneously in a vast scale.