Who wouldn't want to use this when ranging?

  • Full Slayer Helmet. While I'm not slaying them for RS Gold a slayer task The Full Slayer Helm is great with a ranged helm as well as gives an extra bonus to attack from range even if I can't receive the bonus of 15% as it's not a Slayer task.

    Armadyl Pendant - Cheap Armadyl item. I'm currently looking to put an offer in for and Armadyl Stole to replace it although it's unlikely to sell for more than a few dollars. Saradomin Body – Helps get to the Armadyl's Eyrie and also allows you to take out Aviansies in the middle part in the middle of God Wars Dungeon if the Eyrie is too full (but generally, it won't).

    Dragon Plateskirt - While imposes an attack with a range however, the great ranged defense is able to counteract that. One day I may substitute with Dragon Platelegs for a look that is more appealing, but currently it's not practical for me. Snakeskin Boots - Nifty ranged attack bonus and ranged defence bonus.

    Ava Accumulator - Who wouldn't want to use this when ranging? Rune Crossbow - Great one-handed weapon for range. It's a dream to see the dragon come out! Zamorak Vambraces - Zamorak item that comes with a good range bonus that helps reduce the effects that other devices suffer. Bolts with Broad-Tipped Tip - cheap and excellent ranged strength benefit!

    Toktz-ketxil - Excellent ranged defence for a minor penalty to RuneScape 3 Gold attack from a range. Not a bad tradeoff. It's the Ring of Life - Mainly for lack of something else to offer. There could be a major issue, and I have some expensive jewelry. I might replace it with an archer's jewelry if I buy one.