Gloves aren't available for low-level F2P runes

  • I'm really tight on cash and want to buy a set verac. I've got 2.6m after I have sold all of RuneScape Gold my stuff. Verac is around 3.4-3.5 at the moment. Then I thought about runningecrafting. It's a useful skill and also looks nice. Cash.

    Now, here are my questions. My plan for making money is to purchase pure ess at 170-180gp. (pricecheck?) Then, I will craft nats to sell 300 gp per ea. I earn between 120k and 130k for each 1k ess.

    Do you think my prices are correct? I will be lvling until i can make laws and then bloods. Do I need to wear rc gloves? Are they worth it considering all the recharging required? Keep going up to 99 if everything goes well and ess prices remain lower than rune prices. Continue to earn money until I am able to afford a Gs/Barrow.

    Teacuptime told me that... Today's prices are Pure Essence 156gp, Nature Runes 287gp. You can use the database of the grand exchange to find prices similar to these, it's on the runescape frontpage.

    Gloves aren't available for Buy OSRS Fire Cape low-level F2P runes. If XP is your priority, the ZMI will be more suitable. Nature runes are better to make money. If you want to speed up your progress to double nats, then you can make use of ZMI to reach 91.