They appear to be representing Asia

  • Jagex does not want to change their strategy and eliminate the water from the island. Although they have been able to RuneScape Gold break through the barrier of water by using islands to add new content, this is only a way to keep the feel of a mainland.

    The Mainland seems to be largely built on Europe, or at most the culture of Europe. Karamja with its jungles and tribesmen, seems to represent Africa. In the past, in European time, Africa was seen as the "Heart of Darkness," a land of unknown and death. Right now, it's simply not that. It's too old-fashioned. For one it is very small, at least when compared with the rest of mainland. Also, it lacks top quality content.

    Legends Quest was originally introduced to represent the "heartof darkness" feeling that is associated with Africa. However, Karamja now feels that he is nothing but an average player, after having completed the Legends Quest.

    Would you suggest that developers redo certain areas of the map in order for them to add more content? Are there too many issues? It could take a lot of work, but it will keep outdated areas fresh and interesting for a lot of experienced players.

    There is also the Eastern lands. They appear to be representing Asia. They've been discussed for Buy Old School RS Gold some time and mostly by Mortyania bolt rack salesmen. But, only a tiny amount of information is available on them. It seems uncertain if they will ever be made available or if they're actually actual. Are you sure that they are ever going to be made available? If yes, how large will they be?