Surprise! Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 has been updated, l

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons2.0 update is finally released, after a long wait, players ushered in the early release on Wednesday night. That is, the New Horizons update originally scheduled to be released on Friday, November 5th, will be released on the Nintendo Switch one day in advance.

    After I finished the update, I was as crazy as most players exploring the novelty of the game. Previously known new features—such as the arrival of Brewster’s Cafe and the return of familiar faces like Kapp'n—but fans have discovered more exciting new features.

    Players have posted some interesting screenshots on the Internet, and I want to explore them one by one. From quirky new items to new first-person cameras. And I saw Digby, Isabelle's brother who joined. New Vision 2.0 update players can take first-person photos and add filters. Not only does it bring new perspectives, but it also allows people to use the fisheye lens of the new camera to take cute and silly photos of villagers. I find it very interesting.

    The shaky statues in the Animal Crossing world are back. The update adds a large number of Gyroids, all of which have their own unique attributes. Here are some particularly cute and weird things that people post. It is estimated that more than 3,000 items have been added to the game. Fans have been picking some items that impress them, and the whole volcano and a CPR dummy are very interesting. The player sets a reference to the chat application Discord. The stuffed bear backpack is one of the accessories that players like after the update. In addition to the many other cute pastel bags that fans are excited about, the same goes for that backpack. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets on MMOSO.

    Fans have pointed out many new additions within one day of the 2.0 update. In addition, the new quality of life features and all bass recipes are also exciting for players. It can be said that this update is a carnival for players, and there are many novelties waiting for you to discover. If you want to buy some in-game items, you can go to MMOSO to check it out. I will often Buy ACNH NMT and Animal Crossing Items there.

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