Happiness is here, New Horizons 2.0 update and Happy Home will

  • The huge 2.0 version update adds Brewster’s coffee shop, new store and Gyroids, and this week there is a brand new Animal Crossing: New Horizons paid extension called "Happy House Paradise." Many Nintendo fans may wonder when the 2.0 update and Happy House Paradise DLC will be launched on the Switch eShop. This handy guide will introduce all of these, and how to actually download the DLC from the eShop, and the file size used for preloading.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons' new version 2.0 update will be released soon, but Nintendo has not confirmed the exact release time. However, according to the fan site Animal Crossing World, every major update of New Horizons previously released will land at around 10 am JST (Japan Standard Time) on the day of the patch release, which is equivalent to 6 pm Pacific Time/Eastern Time 9 pm. The night before, in this case, it was November 4th (Thursday). The following is the expected release time of the 2.0 update for multiple time zones:

    6 PM Pacific Time, November 4
    November 4 at 7 p.m. EDT
    9 p.m. EDT, November 4
    November 5th, 1 a.m. GMT
    Beijing time at 10 a.m., November 5

    As for the Happy House Paradise DLC, its release date is November 5. Digital-only Nintendo games are usually released at 9 AM Pacific Time, but since this is a DLC rather than a full game release, Nintendo fans did not expect the exact time. If there is more woodworking information about the release time of Happy Home, this article will update the details. At MMOSO you can buy Animal Crossing Bells and ACNH NMT you want.

    For those who want to know the file size or Happy Home Paradise, they need to make room for 595MB. The price of the paid DLC is $25, but subscribers of the Nintendo Switch online expansion pack can get it for free. Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be used on Nintendo Switch. The Happy Home DLC will be released on November 5, 2021. Players do not get bored with this game, They even go to Buy ACNH NMT and Animal Crossing Items.

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