Animal Crossing: The expensive fare of New Horizons Kapp'n, I r

  • When Animal Crossing: New Horizons will soon have the option to take the ferry, these rides will not be free. This is also to be expected because it is also accustomed to in real life.

    Nintendo’s popular Sims, some say it is the epitome of simplified capitalism, and a series of new things will be launched next month, including the fan’s favorite ferryman character Kapp'n. And his service charges are relatively high-1,000 Nook Miles per ride. Some players are hesitant about the price. Others see it as an opportunity to start hoarding Nook Miles. But everyone agrees: yes, it's not free.

    Kapp'n, like other Animal Crossing characters not controlled by IRL humans, is an anthropomorphic animal — in this case, a turtle. He has been around since ancient times, first appearing in Animal Crossing of the Nintendo GameCube in 2002. He is famous for singing the sea shack, and he is also a bit like a kid.

    When Animal Crossing: New Horizons was launched in March 2020 and let everyone escape when they needed it, Kapp'n was not part of the original NPC list. A year and a half later, facing the content shortage of New Horizons, some players wondered why Kapp'n and other mainstays of Animal Crossing-such as Brewster and his twee coffee shop-still did not appear in the game. Earlier this month, Nintendo confirmed at a digital show that many major absentees will come to New Horizons to participate in the highly anticipated November 5th update.

    The specific details of the Kapp'n character are basically kept secret until he actually participates in the game, but in general, he will take you to the various islands like the mysterious journey feature of New Horizon​​n.

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