Some understanding of Animal Crossing: New Horizons free an

  • Nintendo demonstrated the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update in its 20-minute Animal Crossing live broadcast. In the free and paid updates of New Horizons, a lot of things have been added to the game not only the museum has acquired Brewster and its habitat, but also many new characters and features have appeared on the island.

    Although both updates will be released on November 5th, players will not get all the features immediately. Any content related to the new paid downloadable content (called Happy Home Paradise) is only available to players who purchase DLC: $24.99 alone, or $49.99 per year for Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack.

    Even without announcing Happy Home Paradise, Nintendo's Animal Crossing Direct has a lot of updates. This is what we know about new free content. Coffee Throwing Pigeon Brewster opens a store in the museum's expansion: The Roost opens on November 5th. The coffee shop is hidden in the upper left corner of the museum, where Brewster offers the best Joe's Islanders to New Horizons.

    Isabel also appeared in the editing of The Roost-which means that The Roost may once again become a gathering place to better understand more people on the island. You can use the amiibo card to invite other characters and activate them on the yellow phone in the corner of the coffee shop.

    There are many Animal Crossing characters that have not yet entered new horizons. This is the most popular character in the old Animal Crossing game. As part of the free update, Nintendo will add some of these characters-Kapp'n, Katrina, Tortimer and Harriet.

    Kapp'n is naturally a captain, responsible for transporting players to the exclusive island while singing his nautical tunes on the way. He can be seen wandering around the pier, waiting for a trip to a mysterious island: options include one planting strange plants, another in different seasons, and at different times of the day. Katrina and Harriet will open a shop on Harv Island in the New Market. Harriet will get a haircut, and Katrina will calculate the daily fortune. Tortimer appeared briefly in Animal Crossing Direct, and he appeared to be operating a storage cart. Rees and Cyprus will also return to new horizons, not just getting married. They will be able to customize items in other ways that players cannot. Players do not get bored with this game, they even go to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and Animal Crossing Items.

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