Animal Crossing: The interior design of some villagers’ houses

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can build relationships with many villagers because this is one of the most interesting and valuable parts. There are 397 villagers in the game, with eight different personality categories, but each villager has his own interests, styles and aesthetics that make them unique. The individuality of the villagers of Animal Crossing can be particularly reflected in the interior design of their houses.

    The appearance and interior of each ACNH house are unique to the villagers. However, depending on the island, the interior of the same villager’s house may look different from other iterations. For example, the first five villagers who move to each New Horizons Island will have a default home interior design that reflects their general personality type. The items presented to the villagers in Animal Crossing will also be displayed in their homes. With the daily re-decoration of the villagers, the interior decoration of the home is also constantly developing.

    Although it is interesting to visit the houses of ACNH villagers to see how they live their personal lives, the houses themselves are full of details about the villagers. The houses in New Horizons draw inspiration from the appearance, personality type, hobbies and preferences of the villagers, making each house a new experience. The interiors of these Animal Crossing villagers are some of the cutest in the game.

    Because of his marshmallow-like design and fashionable demeanor, Marshal has long been ACNH's favorite villager. However, the inside of this triumphant squirrel villager may be as cute as him. Marshal’s New Horizons home is a private cafe. Several iron products are used to create a comfortable environment for you to enjoy morning coffee or afternoon tea. The blue exquisite flower wallpaper matches perfectly with the dark wood used throughout the design. In addition, there is an upright piano in the northwest corner. Marshal has a musical hobby and will definitely like it.

    In New Horizons, Aurora used some zodiac dialogue clips to design a Frozen theme for her interior. Of course, the Ice Palace is perfect for Aurora as an ordinary penguin villager. In fact, these decorations are one of the points that players are interested in in the game. Of course, there are many more. Let's discover the beauty through your own. Players do not get bored with this game, they even go to buy Animal Crossing Villagers and Nook Miles Tickets.

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