Path of Exile: 3 professional tips for the duel profession

  • The duelist is the favorite of veterans. He is a person who can hit a vast range of damage and protect himself on the front line. The caster is happy to believe that they are in trouble dealing with many enemies or weakening threatening targets. He is difficult to play in the early stage, but he has received some advice from the professional players. Significant effect. If players will buy more POE Currency for their characters, then there will be better performance.

    1 Stay away from The Intelligence Tree
    Although the game motivates players to conduct a lot of experimentation, the duelist starts with the lowest intelligence score and trying to solve this problem requires too much work. However, don’t be angry, there are many better things to be angry, such as harvesting nerf. By insisting on dexterity and strength, the duelist will be in his element and cause the greatest damage. For those who are curious and have the spirit of exploration, you can still try it.

    2 Living by the sword
    First take a sword. When viewing the game guide, please turn to the sword POE Currency. Duelists have many accessible sword lovers and should make the most of them. The blade of dexterity and the blade of cunning each increase sword damage by a few points. Among these skills, there are other skills that increase damage and attack speed. These are high-damage skills, and there is no reason to give them up.

    3 Balance Strength And Dexterity
    Although it was released many years ago, Path of Exile is still one of the few popular games in 2021. This is not accidental. I have injected a lot of ideas into the game, and the balanced duelist profession is of course the developer’s idea. It is important to increase strength and dexterity equally. I will hit those who are too powerful hard, but will miss a lot of time. Those with too much dexterity will often attack but cause minor damage. The duel should send at least one bridge in each passive skill area of strength and dexterity.

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