What needs to be improved in Bless Unleashed?

  • Bless Unleashed specifically uses a label positioning system based on the MMORPG standard, which is severely outdated. So far, it is one of the most boring combat systems in online games. Bless Unleashed obviously did not innovate in this part. The system does not allow cancellation of animations. This feels very troublesome, because many skill animations are too long. If they could queue up their skills, this problem could have been eased, but this is also not allowed. Therefore, a very ridiculous fact arises that many players fall asleep during battle. However, there are still some passionate players who will continue to buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to fight frantically.

    Many players believe that an important reason Bless Unleashed will fail is that it is not the first Bless game. The original Bless Online was developed as early as 2011 and has been released many times in South Korea and Russia. In 2018, its official Western release, Bless Online, was also released on Steam. However, the game did not meet expectations and was closed. Bless Unleashed is released under a different name and seems to be released by different developers, but the community speculates that it is the same game developed by the same developer. At the same time, the original Bless Online was closed and abandoned as a failed project. 

    Because the inventory space provided to players in Bless Unleashed is too small to meet the normal needs of players, it forced them to spend a certain amount of Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to buy more slots in the store. This phenomenon occurs when players’ levels enter double digits. The number of loot and other items that players can pick up will quickly increase their inventory, but most of these items also don’t significantly help progress, so players will need to Buy Bless Unleashed Seeds. Even boosters consume valuable packet slots.

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