How can players gain more Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed?

  • It’s time to sharpen your sickle and start harvesting. Now, the Artisan Society can also provide some help to the players. They provide a talent called Improved Harvesting, which will increase the player’s chance of getting 1 extra item by 5%, and there is a 1% chance of getting 2 extra items when successfully harvesting. It would also help if they decorate the armor with collection and mining speed gains so that you can harvest these Lumios Root nodes without wasting too much time.


    Located in the western hills to the north of the ancient amphitheater is a grass field with several harvestable Lumios Root nodes scattered among them. Players may be able to collect a full stack of 50, but if they wish to Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, then a simple jump and jumping to another channel will cause all nodes to refresh.


    It would be very helpful if the players had a friend with them during the entire process. If the players are fighting solo, then they only need to choose an attacker of the area effect type, such as a crusader or a barbarian, because he may need to lead a group of mobs into a cluster in order to eliminate them for loot.


    Cloth Scrap sells 40 Bless Unleashed Star Seeds per piece, while Carcazor map fragments sell for about 110 Bless Unleashed Star Seeds per piece. Although the market price may be different, it is best for players to mark those pieces that are worth more than 100 Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.