How to farm and collect New World Coins?

  • If players have also been fans of other MMO games, they should be familiar with the fundamental ways to get New World Coins in New World. The process is very similar, with very few exceptions.

    1: Players can get abundant resources by looting other people. After the looting is successful, sort the looted items, hang those scarce items for sale in the auction house, and sell ordinary items to other players in need. After all, unique items have different prices, which can maximize the benefits.

    2: Players can gain experience points and some New World Coins by completing tasks. After receiving the rewards, they go to buy more powerful weapons and equipment or items to help them complete more arduous tasks and get better loot. After the cycle goes back and forth, players can earn a lot.

    3: Players can use the professions. It divided occupations into 3 subgroups. The gathering profession will enable players to use the resource node of New World and store resources such as wood, various ores and herbs. They can sell or make further use of them through refinement and craftsmanship, make valuable items and sell them to other players for an enormous amount of New World Coins.

    4: Players can collect more RPG New World Coins by planting rare items. Just like in any game, unique and specific game NPCs called monsters drop the resources needed to make precious, high-quality equipment items. So far, we know not much about New World, but after they release the game, rare items and their drop rates will soon know.

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