What else should players who pre-order Madden 22 pay attention

  • Now the date of the official release of Madden NFL 22 is getting closer and closer. This is only the second cover in Madden’s history that features dual athletes. The first is Madden 10. The cover players were Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald, both of whom were stars of the previous Super Bowl. We saw the two stars of the last Super Bowl again, but we also saw repeated cover players, this is the first time in Madden history we have seen. Tom Brady first appeared on the cover of Madden when Madden 18 was released, and Patrick Mahomes appeared on the cover of Madden when Madden 20 was released. But anyway, players can prepare some Cheap Madden 22 Coins for these two players.

    Madden 22 can run on many consoles, such as Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S of the Xbox series, PS4/5 of the PS series, PC, Steam and Stadia. Unfortunately, Nintendo users cannot enjoy the joy of Madden NFL 22 on their own platform. However, it will not affect players’ enthusiasm for the new Madden to a certain extent. There are even many avid Madden fans who have purchased sufficient MUT Coins from online sellers to prepare for the battle.

    If players have pre-ordered Madden 22 now, they will be eligible for dual rights. This allows players to upgrade a copy of Madden NFL 22 from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S at no additional cost. But we cannot upgrade them across consoles. Therefore, if players have already purchased Madden 22 on PlayStation 4, they cannot upgrade to Xbox Series X/S.

    If there are still people who want to play Madden 22 in advance, then all they have to do is pre-order Madden NFL 22 and buy some Cheap Madden 22 Coins from GameMS. This will put these people ahead of other ordinary players in three days. And they’d better pay more attention to the latest news about Madden 22. Otherwise, they cannot change according to the changes in Madden 22.