Madden 22's best RB may still be Christian McCaffrey

  • With ESPN’s Madden 22 Ratings Week scheduled to start this Sunday, many players are predicting the ratings of various players in this year’s Madden 22. Many Madden veterans are very much in favor of Patrick Mahomes’ prediction that Madden 22 might be the strongest quarterback. Although the league is turning more to passing games, this does not actually mean that running backs are now ineffective. On the contrary, running backs are more involved than ever. And those players who are pursuing victory also need to prepare some Madden 22 Coins to get reliable running backs to help them win the game.

    People like Christian McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara are double-threat organizers, able to defeat opponents on the ground or in the air. An experienced running back can actually create excellent offensive opportunities for a mediocre quarterback. They adjusted the ratings in Madden 21 weekly based on the player’s Madden 22 Coins in real life. When the Super Bowl appeared, many things changed. With this in mind, players have a prediction about who will be the strongest running back in Madden 22.

    First in the season last year, Carolina Panthers superstar running back Christian McCaffrey shined in Madden 21 as a member of Club 99. Unfortunately, because of injuries, he only took part in three games in the 2020 season. However, his performance in those three games was incredible, rushing for 225 yards (3.8 yards average) and five touchdowns. He also added 149 yards and touchdowns in passing games. McCaffrey certainly deserves his 99 rating because he is the most energetic running back in the game. Although some players in the league are better pure rushers, McCaffrey’s dual-threatening nature makes him well-deserved to become the best guard in the Madden team. When defending, players must monitor his path of action at all times, because he can interfere with opponents on the ground or in the air, which means he is a real double threat.

    Despite being plagued by injuries this season, McCaffrey is still the best guard in Madden 21, and his rating dropped by only one point throughout the season. Because of his explosive power in the backcourt and his ability to organize on offense, most players believe McCaffrey is still the best running back in Madden 22. Although Madden 22 is not yet available, players should also prepare everything in advance, such as Buy Madden 22 Coins on GameMS or paying attention to McCaffrey’s usage guide. Come on!