GGG hopes to improve something before the release of Path of Ex

  • The changes introduced by Grinding Gear in Expedition solve the problems the studio has encountered in Path of Exile over the years. It has gained 19 new skills and support gems, and the method of adding these abilities differs from other expansions. The balance change will resolve the spread of power that supports the gem. The battle will also receive a complete rebalance, starting with the first act outside the expedition gate. Developers will weaken support for gems so that players will not choose POE Currency that cause damage instead of useful gems that may bring new and interesting character constructions. They cannot trigger spells through gems without paying mana costs for them. And the movement skills have changed, so they will not bypass monster attacks.

    The flask will also change to achieve the style of the game. Players can play the role of these items without using external force. Here, players can tap with their fingers or use strange devices to tap multiple keys. Wilson even showed a flask-only construction that can turn the character into a crazy bomber, provided that the players do not use weapons. These changes may cause controversy among players. But the approach of Path of Exile 2 also makes the development team have to do so so that they have enough time to iterate and make it better.

    GGG is also confident in the degree of change they want, which is a very safe setting. They really improved the game very objectively. The adaptation that players must make now is that they know that this is the correct change. If there is uncertainty, they will return to their original state and think about it later. So the developers are very confident in this series, but of course it needs to be done now so that players can give them feedback.

    Every player needs to Buy POE Currency before entering the expedition league to improve their own ability to deal with risks. If there is no reliable game strategy guide and the help of many useful currency items, then the new league will be a nightmare for them.