What can players get in Path of Exile Ultimatum?

  • The Trials of Chaos is a new system of Ultimatum, which allows players to accept increasing challenges in pursuit of power. The mysterious master of Chaos Trial, referred to as Chaos, seems to be a remnant of a certain Vaal civilization. The Trials of Chaos become more and more difficult, because players have to go through encounters again and again, until in the end, it satisfied the trial master with the challenger’s efforts. Then, players must face a choice, either take away the POE Currency and items earned so far, or fight for greater glory in more tough challenges.

    The roguelike element of The Trials of Chaos is accompanied by a decision that the player must make at the end of the trial. If players want to leave with everything they have gained so far, they only need to leave the trial. However, if players want to exchange their own POE Currency for something more powerful, then return to the Chaos Trial and continue to fight. According to the game legend, the ancient Vaal civilization was just an enormous risk in pursuit of higher power. Therefore, in these encounters, it makes sense to leave the same ultimatum decision to the player. If they want to continue ranking the rewards in the trial, be careful, because it will become extremely difficult in the future, and if they fail, the players will get nothing.

    Inscribed Ultimatums are a new system in Path of Exile: Ultimatum that works similarly to the Trials of Chaos ultimatum system. Instead of going through harder and harder Trials, you will instead pick up an Inscribed Ultimatum somewhere out in the world’s end-game. The Ultimatum will tell you to offer to the Trialmaster, then the Trialmaster will give you a single challenge upon bringing him that offering. Players who succeed in the challenge can get a treasure that is twice the value. Failed players get nothing. Fortunately, Inscribed Ultimatums is tradable, so players will not leave empty-handed.

    These are the general content players can experience in Ultimatum. But now the more exciting Path of Exile 3.15 extension is coming soon! Any player who wants to continue to write brilliant in this expansion should POE Currency Buy to pave the way for their outstanding achievements. Strive assiduously!