Path of Exile's number of players on Steam has dropped a lot

  • Grinding Gear Games’ Hack and Slay Path of Exile lost a large portion of players on Steam in June. For 22 months, the daily high has also fallen below 10,000 players. The role-playing game Path of Exile, developed by Grinding Gear Games, was released in 2013 and currently has a few players on Steam. In April, the new league named Ultimatum attracted a lot of players at the beginning of its release, and the number once rose to over 150,000 players. During that time, almost every player was frantically buying POE Currency to meet various challenges.

    But in the next few months, Path of Exile lost more than 60,000 players and currently has approximately 22,000 players. In June 2021, 70% of players lost. In addition, the number of daily online players on Path of Exile on Steam is also less than 10,000, which is the first time since September 2019. For the game itself, it is normal for the number of players to turn from prosperity to decline after GGG released the 3.14 expansion. However, the number of lost players in Path of Exile is very high, which is why many players suspect that Ultimatum’s player retention rate must be one of the worst in history.

    On the one hand, it is said that Grinding Gear Games prefers streaming media to ordinary players. Players will have to wait at the time of release, and streaming can bypass it. Although this is good for the audience, it does not satisfy long-term players. There is an alliance mechanism this season. It is said that the content is that a player runs around in circles, kills mobs, and receives generous rewards for this. In the event of death, it is said that the reward has been reset. It is said that this mechanism is very efficient in the first few weeks of farming.

    Grinding Gear Games prefers to weaken content to achieve balance, rather than adding new content at the end of the game. Ordinary players should spend more time to complete the game. Why Path of Exile has lost so many players in the past few months is not yet certain. However, in terms of game reviews and Steam ratings, this does not seem to change anything, as both are still very positive. Players who want to keep going should still POE Currency Buy for the upcoming 3.15 expansion, come on!