Path of Exile fans are waiting for the release of the 3.15 exte

  • The new Path of Exile League has a release date, set for July 23, Grinding Gear Games revealed some new content through a small trailer. The official news is scheduled to be broadcast on the studio Twitch channel in mainland Portugal next week, July 15 at 9pm. In order to arouse the curiosity of fans, the New Zealand studio released a short video of only 18 seconds, in which players can see the new abilities used by the characters. This has stimulated many players’ desire for new experiences and the urgent need for Buy POE Currency.

    At the end of the video, four new NPCs appeared, leaving a lot of questions about the theme and mechanism of the new season league. The league will usually last for three months, so that all players are on an equal footing and their progress begins. Whether it is an old player or a new rookie player, the first thing they do when they enter this new league is to create a new character. The advantage of experienced players is that they know how to use passive skill trees and POE Currency to grow faster. Novice players still need to learn it.

    Now based on known information, it may conduct the new league on a piece of water. The content with the Boat League as the theme may bring players a brand new experience, but there should be some players who are not adapted to water battles, so the new league may not be accepted by all players. They may not add the Ultimatum League to the Standard League after the end, but because the development team prefers it, they may improve it before adding it to the Standard League.

    What players have to do now is to wait patiently and actively prepare during this idle period, such as buy more POE Currency, pay more attention to real-time news, and read more practical game guides to enhance their own adaptability to the new league. Every player with fighting spirit should work hard to move forward. Come on! ! !