What is the outlook for Madden 22?

  • Evaluating Madden 22, which will be available on August 20th, on both good and bad aspects, seems to tell a lot of things. But players have to admit that the future of the Madden series is still bright. Madden 22, especially the content related to the franchise model, will not solve all the problems that have plagued this feature for more than a decade. However, EA is transparent and intentional in its efforts to improve. Ambitious players have even prepared many Madden 22 Coins until EA releases Madden 22.

    We can complain about what should be in place, but if people are still interested in playing the best video game football experience, then Madden 22 is definitely the best choice to provide them with happiness. Below are some details I got from the “Making Madden” podcast that are more relevant to the future of the Madden franchise model, and the last explanation that may put the Madden franchise model in perspective. Entering the Madden 23 franchise model will add even greater functions. EA does not want users to restart their franchise and add features after Madden 22 is released. This makes sense, but it will not satisfy users.

    According to the Madden podcast, EA will add more customization, such as relocation and team rebranding, but will not appear in Madden 22. EA is rebuilding its franchise model. When players’ own teams are being rebuilt, they will first consider what players to choose as a member of the team. They can only match the lineup and produce an appropriate chemical reaction. Become a strong contender for the championship. Madden’s franchise has updated after the release of Madden 21 and they have established some good foundations for the content included in Madden 22, but they are still a long way from using this feature to climb to the top of the mountain.

    Players who want to continue to write brilliant in Madden 22 should prepare early and pass GameMS to Buy Madden 22 Coins in advance to support their spending needs in the game after the game is released. Especially for those powerful new player cards, the price will definitely be very high. This puts high demands on the players’ economic strength, so come on!