What are the negative opinions about Madden 22?

  • After EA allowed players to pre-order Madden 22 on June 17, some careful players discovered that the visual effects of Madden 22 are almost the same as the next-generation Madden 21. After all, most consumers want to upgrade once a year. In other words, Madden’s visual effects are not a problem.

    Madden 22 provides very reliable head tracking for player models in the game, which makes O-line A.I. worse. You will see an O-shaped winger turning his head to look at the defender he should block, but many times, he won’t make contact at all. Many times, O-lineman will complete a complete run without hitting a defender. In real football, this is a rare example. EA must make sure that they don’t make O-lines too strong, because it will make it too difficult to stop running and generate MUT Coins, but they still needed some balance.

    EA has also been working on improving sideline catches to make them more realistic, but the main problem is that if the ball thrown to them on the outside or HB, your players cannot recognize that they are swinging on the sideline while running the route. As in the past, unless the players have excellent receivers, the receiver and running back will be out of bounds together on the route.

    Compared with competitors, Madden 22’s franchise model still lacks features. In Madden 22, players still cannot create their own teams, re-adjust departments or meetings, have extended teams, or edit existing player contracts. There is still a lack of presentation elements essential for immersion in the franchise model. Half-time performances can still skip, and there is no weekly summary performance to tie things together.

    Madden 22 still has many outstanding points worthy of praise. And players had better prepare everything in advance for this, such as watching some real-time news through reliable GameMS or buying some cheap Madden 22 Coins, which are all feasible methods.