This was the case for Diablo 2: Resurrected in the first game

  • The artist had previously worked with PlayStation's Uncharted series which D2R Items, for reasons unknown, it brought fans to create connections. But, Kozlowsky and Retro Studios were actually working on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in the beginning, and after the game's debut was announced it was met with a slew of Zelda gamers slammed the game because they were hoping for something different. In a brand new interview with The Kiwi Talkz podcast, Kozlowsky admitted that the rumor was a source of disappointment for the team behind the development.

    "Sometimes it's frustrating because it causes false expectations. That's what I saw when we first announced Tropical Freeze. Everyone was like 'they're working on the next Zelda game They're working on a Zelda game', but it wasn't. And we announced Tropical Freeze and it looks stunning and beautiful and then people are like "oh, but it's just another Donkey Kong.'

    Then you realize that people are going on about it on Neogaf or some other site and you're like 'oh man you know, because everybody believed we were playing a Zelda game, and then it's like we're not doing that. we do.' It's both: sometimes we laugh at it, but sometimes it becomes aggravating when it lasts a time," said Kozlowsky.

    Kozlowsky's remarks are an intriguing window into how rumors spread and the ways in which it could affect the way a game is received. Although Tropical Freeze might not have been the game fans had hoped to find out about However, it received high critical reviews upon its announcement.

    It can be a bit frustrating to work hard on something and then have the internet react with displeasure based on incorrect rumors. It's impossible to control the reaction of fans to a game's announcement Best place to buy D2R items, but I hope that this incident gave some fans a better understanding of being aware of their expectations!