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  • When you reach Honing Level 15 or +15. you are able to also transfer your gear into pieces of the next level Lost Ark Gold. However, this can lower you from the Honing Level from +1 to. This saves you a few beginning materials and lets you get an edge in the next gearing level. It's very valuable as it provides an impressive boost in performance and will save yourself some XP Shards and Leapstones.

    Contrary to most MMOs, Monster XP is extremely low in Lost Ark. In fact, if you do need to defeat monsters for quests it's best to group them up and utilize AoE skills to get through them quickly. If it's not related to quests, you should avoid slaying monsters for as long as you can.

    However, the one thing I've personally done to aid with The Welcome Tasks and Adventurer's Tome, is to take on the Elite Monsters. They can be a little bit of progress and can give you useful materials and items like Silver. They can be identified by an Orange outline, or by an Icon on their heads.

    Regarding the Welcome Challenges, these are a great way to track your progress overall while they exist. You should be completing these tasks as they come up. There is no need to complete each one, but it's easy to do to complete them. Silver and other substances.

    Don't stress about collecting 100% of collectibles when you play, unless you really would like to. There is no way to lose access to many of these items, except for a handful of Mokoko Seeds later into the game. The rest can be completed anytime.

    The accessories, unlike your armor and weapons come with Combat Stats. The stats they roll will give you a slight boost when you level up, and will generally allow you to eliminate monsters quicker. If you purchase accessories, keep a lookout for Crit, Swiftness, and Specialization. These three stats help the most in clearing enemies quickly. Crit increases your Critical Rate, Fastness increases your Attack Speed, Move Speed and Cooldown on Skill and Specialization helps increase the amount of Specialty Meters you have which allows most classes to get through opponents faster.

    If you're familiar with MMORPGs and even if you're not, Lost Ark allows you to play dungeons by yourself. MSQ Dungeons are often faster to complete by yourself, rather than in groups Lost Ark Gold buy. The only advantage you have in a group is the ability to run them on Hard and earn slightly better rewards.