NBA 2K22 is out and anybody who likes basketball

  • Centers and power forwards might want to pencil this badge onto their plans MT 2K22. A Ball Stripper badge gives the holder the chances of forcing loss when trying the stripping of a layup, or play a dunk in front of the basket. This can be a useful tool when weaker players are trying to attack the ball, and is extremely useful when making turnovers.

    Point guards, however, more importantly, shooting guards, small and power forwards must wear an Clamps badge. Clamps was, in my opinion, the best badge for NBA 2K21 and is back for 2K22. Clamps improves holders' ability to stay within their ball handlers on the edge.

    Clamps holders have access to cuts that are quicker and are more efficient when hitting their ball's handler. This badge is crucial if you want any chance of stopping sharp-shooting guards and forwards with a tendency to shoot mid-range shots. It allows you to remain in front of them, and , consequently, offer you the best chance of getting hands up front and stopping the shot from being clean.

    Many players could benefit from this badge, but large males, particularly, can use the Intimidator badge. Offensive players that are paired up with players with the Intimidator badge will have less success when attempting a contested shot. The art of contesting shots is vital to getting rid of baskets, but any additional boost will be beneficial. You should try to incorporate this badge into your game when you can.

    Post Lockdown is another badge big players will require when playing NBA 2K22. This badge increases defenders' capability to stop post movement and backdowns. Power forwards and center players will require plenty of help when they play defense Buy NBA 2K Coins, so this badge must be to consider adding to your list. It can be useful should you find yourself in a group with players people who love post moves.