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  • Unfortunately MyCareer is a bit of a mess. MyCareer mode has fallen victim to some common pitfalls that have been a problem for the series for a number of years now 2K22 MT. Since your performance in games is determined by the same grading system seen in previous iterations and you're frequently penalised for things which are not in your control. For example, your player could be assigned to protect one particular opponent, however when faced by a screen you decide to fight it and play the player you were assigned to.

    Randomly, this assigned player is switched to the person who screened your player, who, after running towards the opposite end of the court, is now left open and unsupervised. The result is that you're punished with severe leave defensive assignment's and defensive breakdown penalties that hurt your performance grade and aren't really your fault. It's not an issue that is major however it has remained long enough that it finally annoys me and cause me to bring it up it here.

    Other than a beefier MyCareer mode, most options remain largely unchanged. In addition, taking over the entire NBA franchise through the MyNBA mode allows you to assign coaches and front office staff to better fit the needs and objectives of your team, which I have never observed affecting the court on such an important level.

    The W gives you the chance to pursue a career through the ranks of the WNBA However, it is incredibly minimal compared to MyCareer in general, stripping away any personality The City had and confining the goals and strategies of The City to menus of a basic nature. MyTeam however isn't a perfect mix. Although some aspects have experienced changes Buy NBA 2K MT Coins, such as the increasing frequency of rewards and card packs and on top of the changing themes and seasons.