If you plan to attend the funeral of Runescape

  • Will you cover your expenses (such such as al-kharid purchase or wizzy mind bomb purchases)? Requirements (if a quest is not mentioned, it's not required). Make sure you are at or above 2k to complete every quest, with the exception of imp catcher and dragon slayer Old School RS Gold. Dragon Slayer - Able kill a dragon of lvl83 with no range, but 15k (with a mage at lvl 33 and an air rune) however, in a position to not kill lesser demons

    As you are a freeplayer Here's an overview of options available to you. The best choice is to purchase a the green dragonhide bodies. The grand exchange will provide the nats as well as the bodies. The most you will get from that, is making 20gps per alch though the most you will lose is 100gps per alch. With the 198k alchs it will take around 200 hours to complete the 55-99 high Alching.

    It is necessary to first attain the magic number of 55. I'd suggest spending about 200-300k on earth or fire strike, and using them up on lessers. Fire strike or firebolt on monsters to reach them. I have no idea what it would cost or make, due to monster drops being random and all.

    You can also use curse for leveling up. for 99 that will cost you 17.9. To achieve this it is necessary to purchase 449k body parts and 898k water supplies (don't use the earths; you'll only need 3 water supplies instead of 2 waters which makes it cheaper). Be sure to have plenty of heavy metal armor, as well as other items that grant a negative (-), magical bonus Buy RS3 Gold. Your curses should not be able to affect the creatures. You can still cast curses on them. You still get the same experience for failing.