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  • Lumbridge followed. It's all there is to say. It was the start of an unforgettable experience. Lumbridge was a town that every participant knew about and could go back to if they were lost. Lumbridge was a gruelling place for new players RS Gold. The menus were similar to those you saw in the tutorial, however it was now chat rooms with hundreds of people talking to one another. It was difficult to understand their Runescape jargon.

    It was possible to be spending half an hour listening to what players were saying. "Where do I go?" was the first question you asked upon you arrived in Lumbridge. But no one would hear you because so many other players would be engaging in their own private conversations. After a few minutes you'd get a respond "This is Lumbridge, Swans Sydney" and you'd instantly ask them what Lumbridge was and eventually be shown around.

    Do you remember those first steps that led you to the chicken coup, cow farm and Varrock? Yep, you sure do. You always had someone to guide you and give you a tour of Runescape's Free To Play area. Then, you'll be able to call them your first online friend, and they'd be with you through the duration of your Runescape adventure.

    To fight the goblins crossing the bridge, you made use of the bronze shield and sword you received. After you killed the first goblin, you were now able to gather the items that were dropped and you realized that you were $3 richer than the previous OSRS Fire Cape for sale. The landscape was stunning for an old-fashioned game and you just wanted to explore every single thing.