Mission at the biggest port in runescape - Port Sarim

  • This is where you step into. I'm in need of you! I need you all - to signup to join me. If you'd like to join me, we can begin stomping upon innocents, looting villages, and pillaging Gielinor in pursuit of gold 2007 RS Items. We can also make other clans to get the work completed for us, if that seems too enthralling.

    Who's with me? We require your help in bringing down the remaining terrorists. Let me know via the forum thread for sign-ups to show that you've joined the clan. We need as many members as possible to make our mark in the clan world. When I say "make our mark", I mean "stomp into oblivion".

    While the idea is fantastic but we must be able to claim ourselves as an awesome clan if we are to be successful within the world of clans. That's where you come into. Can you come up with a unique name for your clan? If yes, then please post it in the clan name suggestion thread. I'll be compiling the top clan names from the thread, and then uploading them into a Facebook poll. The most fitting name will be chosen by all of you, and then you can vote. The future is ours.

    I am saving for my dream armour (currently have 42 mil) and would like to know what you think. I don't need to hear, "Get fire cape", "barrows gloves", "zerker rings (i), or "neitz". Although these are all more desirable than what I posted, my goal is not to have them become my own. They might be my next goal however I doubt they'll be Cheap OSRS Fire Cape. These items take a lot of time and are difficult to obtain or are not worth my time at the moment. This is my reason for this armor...