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  • Oh, and The Third Age Druidic gear looks amazing as well! I hope that this, along with all the other information you have read, convinces you that Third Age Druidic Robes aren’t as bad as they seem RS 2007 Fire Cape. If you're extremely wealthy it is possible that you will be able to purchase a set. Retirement: I'm sorry, but I've decided to stop working at RuneScoop immediately. Additionally, I'm "retiring" generally from RuneScape.

    This could be due to many factors, but I won’t bore anyone with all of them. Since a few years ago, I haven’t been playing RuneScape as a hobby. Although I have the urge to log in at times, I don't like being a slave to accomplish meaningless tasks in a fake world. Since 2007, I've been playing mostly on this website because I felt it was worthwhile and enjoyed helping people. I hoped that the site could be financially sustainable enough to pay for the time and effort required to write quality content. I'm not able to do this because of the economic crisis and my oldest son entering college.

    Here are some specifics This site will not be removed. It will simply be "mothballed", and it will remain in place. I've added to every page a disclaimer that warns users that the material might be outdated or obsolete over time. The RuneScoop forum community will remain open and active for as long as players want it to stay that way.

    All RuneScoop recurring memberships have been removed to avoid any future costs. For as long as the website remains online, all current members will have access to the members' version. In addition, if I do not feel that I have satisfied my obligations as a member Buy OSRS Accounts, any annual member may contact me to cancel their membership and get an entire or partial refund.