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  • Wait, am I actually fighting alongside Shah? What is the reason I am fighting alongside Emir? Both of you seem to be children fighting a war that will solve nothing. What can you say as an ally of Al Kharid? It's true, that's it. The High Priest will arrive at this moment RS3 Accounts. The madness must end. The Devourer may have insisted on that this. What do you mean? I've been feeling the Devourer inside Coenus for a long time however it was difficult to believe. Osman, Osman's opponent, is also obsessed with destruction. However, it's not too late.

    Attack Coenus. He's level 129 and carries a deadly melee weapon. Before he can be killed, you must kill all his archers. After beating him and capturing him, the Shah will agree to an agreement with the Emir. The Shah will also agree that the gates of the Menaphite capitals will be opened.

    Have you ever thought about what it's like to kill a Summoning familiar without the need to enter a PvP world or a Duel that has Summoning activated? This is the best place to fight these creatures! It's only five levels higher than Bounty Hunter and can be located in the Wilderness.

    To start this mini-quest or minigame, speak to the Summoning Master (abbreviated as SM) Welcome to the Titanic Coliseum! What is the Titanic Coliseum? Yes, it's true. It's not true. Yes Beggars aren't pickers. The Titanic Coliseum, a vast arena where one can demonstrate their abilities against the most powerful of all Summoning Familiars, is where you can do so osrs infernal cape buy! What you're saying is that I can kill Summoning familiars...? Exactly! You're welcome to do so! Yes! (conversation continues) Would you like the rules?