I really would love to see added into RuneScape

  • In saying that I suggest to have the wheat field fenced to the guild so only guild members can access it from in the guild. To bring some more ideas, a chicken coup and a cow should be added within the fence as nicely for guild members to get at their own convenience. If this is too much to include I feel a merchant ought to maintain the guild available to both members and completely free players so purchasing ingredients will be convenient. I step in the guild and see the head chef, I choose to explore the room RS Gold. I imagine rather than just having a pie seller here, there's a vendor for both free players and members too. Near this table the vendor could sell things such as baskets, jugs, buckets, bowls, cake tins, Raw Beef, chocolate, and some other important items for cooking.

    Continuing around the clock, I see the pump and drainacross from this to the right is the flour bin. Now taking a look at the 12 o clock part of the space, there is a wall using a lamp and a dining table. I imagine this wall with a doorway on the right side near the corner top out into the wheat and pasture fields and just outside is a lamp to the remaining door. Back inside, to the right of this doorway I see another door resulting in a room that has a bank. In the 3 o clockI see that a doorway resulting in the bankers quarters and across from the doorway to my left is the staircase to the next floor.

    Inside the cooking guild on the first floor there is a pie table rather than making it only a dish table it should be mixed with many random cooking items with two sellers. The very first seller would be the pie vendor for associates and the second vendor could sell components in addition to pots, pans, as well as any other items useful for cooking in the free players and members." Milk, flour, meat, and eggs are not included in the market because they are sometimes obtained outside the market."

    More information regarding the eggs, milk, and meat are under. "Door resulting in the areas". Within the guild there is a doorway that contributes to the wheat field just beyond the guild. The Wheat area is right outside as you go around the guild there's a dairy product, and a chicken coop fenced around the guild so only guild members can access the wheat Buy Old School RS Gold, milk, and chickens. With easy access to such necessities, guild members may obtain milk, wheat, chicken, and eggs for cooking.