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  • You've twenty seconds to unlock the fold, and awaken to every ground, or your commorb will teleport you out, and you'll have to begin over again (and you will have OSRS gold to get your very own magical logs). Proceed through the practice of answering the math problem (which can change for every level), cranking the fold, and lighting the coal on fire three more times. Once you light the fifth coal storage, you will crank up to the roof, in which you will find Hreidmar, in shock about what is going on to his foundation. There's nowhere left to run, Hriedmar. The Temple Knights are here in order to stop you. Sir Tiffy Cashien will then appear next to you, coming from a purple teleport spell. Zachman3334 is right, there's nowhere you can go. That is exactly what you think!

    Blast! Zachman3334, we don't have a lot of time. The building will surely be lit completely in a few minutes....Aah! A skeleton warrior called"Hreidmar's minion" will appear. STC will draw a sword, and endeavor to combat it, but it is going to knock out STC, and strike youpersonally, (level 60 slayer demanded ). It's level 90, also uses only melee. Once it's defeated, STC will wake up since the roof is about to be lit completely on fire. You will catch his hand, and he will split a tab, and you will wind up back with Veldaban.

    This was brilliant, Zachman3334! The Red Axe will not have the capacity to assault Keldagrim anytime soon. However...I have to give you and Sir Tiffy some. . .horrible news. What? The Temple Knights have only informed us that Sir Amik Varze was kidnaped by assassins by H.A.M, and handed over to Arposandra. They are holding him as a prisoner, and will just return him if we return their Lordwho isn't talking. However, who can rule over Asgarnia currently? What shall we do before we get their Lord to talk? We'll stall. They will not kill Varze, since then they'll have no reason for us to give them back their Lord. Varze is powerful, and he won't give them information, but that might be the situation with Cheap RS gold our captive. We may have to employ the use of a Truth Serum. Until then, stalling is what we shall do. You have done excellent work, Keldagrim and Falador are safe for now. We'll call for you when we want you , Zachman3334.