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  • This can leave some defenders left to AI controller, but that's not an issue for the former FIFA Mobile Coins World Champion.MsDossary has stated that one shift he would like to see from FIFA 22 will be"nerfing that the AI cubes as it's too overpowered now". While this is a pain when you have the ball, then it will mean that your AI defenders are likely to stop any shots as you attempt to search the ball down manually.Role reversal.In a week FIFA101, MsDossary shared with his favoured personalities and strategies for attacking drama.

    These tactics might be reversed to try and nullify what your competitors are very likely to try and do to you. "Through chunks are a very effective method of attacking and getting into 1v1s," explained MsDossary.We all know pace is your key attacking weapon, so combat fire with fire.Make sure you have pacey defenders to best deal with all the strikers and wingers you're very most likely to face.

    Many players will attempt to counterattack too, leaving several forward players high up the pitch.MsDossary says:"I use return on my CDM for the [opposition] counterattacks since I already have five players attacking. "Keeping five players back (the back four and defensive midfielder) is a frequent tactic on Buy FIFA Coins as players attempt to quit leaving huge spaces for rapid counter-attacking play.This means instructing all five players to'return while attacking', but more about that later.Rapid recovery.In terms of that defenders to utilize, there are plenty of lightning-fast fullbacks to improve your squad.