WoW Burning Crusade Classic Guide: Gruul's Lair

  • In this guide you will learn how to find the entrance to Gruul's Lair. In the original version more than ten years ago, this has always been one of the most iconic raids.

    The first stage of the Burning Crusade Classic in World of Warcraft has officially opened in early June and provides players with three raids, Gruul's Lair is one of them. Many players are very keen to challenge the raid, because there are only two bosses, so skilled teams can pass the challenge at a very fast speed.

    Regarding the specific route to Gruul's Lair, players of World of Warcraft TBC Classic should read the following content carefully.

    It will take some time for players using land transportation to visit Gruul's Lair. First you need to go to Blade's Edge Mountains. After you reach the area, it will take a long time to walk because Gruul's Lair is located in the northeast corner of the area.

    Another better way is to fly to Evergrove at Ruuan Weald first, and continue to travel beyond the north after reaching the destination. It’s worth noting that if you haven’t unlocked non-pathed flying yet, you may need an experienced guide to guide you on the many winding TBC Classic Gold paths in Blade's Edge Mountains.

    After you walk out of the area from the north of Ruuan Weald, please continue along this road to the end. The main gorge of this area is on the right at the end of the trail. You need to go through the entire canyon and fight the enemies that may appear along the way. In most cases, this journey is very safe, but occasionally players are unlucky. On the back of the canyon, you can easily find a very large cave where the entrance to Gruul's Lair is.

    If you have unlocked flying skills and have a WOW TBC Classic Gold flying mount, then you can avoid the long walking process. You just need to easily bypass the road in Blade's Edge Mountains and go directly to the entrance of the raid. The specific coordinates of the location are 67, 25. For most players, this method seems more difficult, because the cost of training flying skills and buying flying mounts is indeed high. Those players who forget to accumulate gold in daily games need to work hard to make money for a long time to come. Of course, the professional services of MMOWTS can help these players save time and energy. If you want to buy an epic flying mount, you only need to buy 5000G in MMOWTS and spend a small amount of money to complete your dream!